Thursday, July 31, 2008

HERE IT IS! The most unusall quilting contest you may ever see. We have carefully crafted an outline of what we want to do - but here it is in a nutshell. We want to find an unfinished project, change it, finish it, and return it to the owner. us what lurks in your closets. We can't wait to see what we can do with it.

So tell your neighbours, and tell your friends, because we want everyone to join in the fun. (And YES, you can enter more than one un-finished project.)

Cori & Myra

the concept

In the back of closets, hidden deep in drawers and tucked away from everyone’s sight, are unfinished projects that have gone horribly wrong. We all have them (Myra has a drawer full) and we all wish that they would go away. They seem like such a waste. These projects were once exciting and you were eager to dive in, finish and display them with pride. However…they went wrong and now when you come across them in your closet you cringe and try to ignore them. Well, we have a plan to help ONE of you!

During the 10 years that we worked in our local quilt shop, we spent a lot of time helping customers fix projects that were taking a wrong turn. Now, we want to offer the same help to one quilter out there. We have teamed up with a few of our favorite suppliers and together, we are out to fix one of the ‘hidden disasters’, and bring it out into the daylight.

the plan

We will select one unfinished project, change it, finish it, and return it to the owner as a finished project.

Submission deadline: Beginning August 1st, until August 31st.
The selected ‘winner’ will be announced on Sept. 1st
The project in its original form will be revealed by Sept. 20th.
The project will be broken down, and put into and EQ file. Alternate layouts of what could be done will be shown during the month of Oct.
The finished quilt will be reveled, and shipped to the owner Dec. 1st, and they should have it in their home in time for Christmas.

1.) Send us pictures of your unfinished project that is hiding in your closet.
2.) Send us a brief, less than 600 word paragraph telling us what was your original plan, why you stopped working on it, and why you want us to finish it for you.

3.) All submissions must have your full name, day and evening phone numbers and emails. (this information will be kept in our confidence, and will not be shared with anyone)

4.) All submissions become property of blue meadow designs and will not be returned to you. (so don’t send us your projects – just photo’s of them!!)

5.) Submissions are to be e-mailed to Please do not send them to our other mail addresses, because the server may not be able to accept large image files, and it may be bounced back to you. Please try to keep the MB of the photo’s as small as possible.

6.) Submissions must be received by midnight, (central time in North America) August 31st, 2008 to qualify.

what we are looking for
Cori and I will be looking through the submissions, and we will choose a project based on what inspires us. We will love to read the stories of ‘what could have been’ but we believe that we will choose the final project to work on because it will reach out and grab us.

the rules
1). We will choose one entry, from all of the submissions. (only send photos please)

2). All submissions for entry must be made from 100% cotton. The quilt can not be vintage.

3). If you have extra fabric yardage from the original project, we may ask for it.

4). We will have the full right to change the project, take it apart, or only use portions of the original, in any manor that we see fit. We will also decide on what the finished size of the project will be. You will sign a waver/contract.

5.) The finished project will be your property, and will be returned to you by mid Dec. 2008.

6.) The owner of the selected project will be asked to give us additional information as to their personal style, color choices, and favorite quilts. This will assist us in making sure that what we create for you, will fit with your personal taste.


Electric Quilt Company
Working with EQ, and the programs that they develop, has enabled us to be better designers. Their computer programs allow us to ‘test’ designs, and find many of the flaws before we cut any fabric. It also lets us ‘play’ with different layout options, and color options. We will be using the latest version of their program EQ6, to show you different options of what we could do with the troubled project.

The Vintage Quiltery
When we found Jacquiline Pohl, we discovered one of the best machine quilters in the industry. Located right here in our province of Manitoba, Jacquie Pohl has created beautiful quilted projects for customers across Canada. You have to have a lot of faith in the machine quilter that you hand your quilt top too. We love working with Jacquie, because she is an artist, a skilled quilter, and she always has great ideas. We will be sending the completed quilt top to Jacquie for the quilting, and we will all anxiously wait to see how she will finish it.


nicolette said...

What a fantabulous idea! Is it OK to spread the word on my blog?

Cori Derksen & Myra Harder said...

Yes, Nicolette, please tell all of your friends! This little event is open to everyone.

Marcy said...

You can be sure to count me in on this one!!!!!

Liz said...

Very cool idea.

Quilt Garden said...

Wonderful Idea1 Must see what's lurking in the bins.