Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 81 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Tiny Tall Timber

It's Saturday, and I am blogging! I am actually taking a break from the enormous amount of cleaning and re-organizing that I have been doing this weekend. (spring cleaning came a little late this year) My husband is gone for a weekend fishing trip up north. (yippee - no big meals to make) which has given me the chance to really dig into my studio. Things have been piling up, and now it was at the point where something drastic needed to be done. So I have had two very glorious days painting, moving furniture, and re-folding everything. And here is a quirky Myra fact - when I clean, I always start by cleaning out my drawers, closets, and my laundry room. My desk can be covered in clutter, and I am OK with that, but when people shove things into drawers, that don't belong in those drawers, I can go a little crazy. My hidden corners must be organized. I am sure a psychologist would have a field day with that little tid-bit of info.

And during my re-folding of projects, I came across this one. Do you remember it from any of our books? Sorry, that was a trick question. It was actually made to be a project in our second book - All Through the Woods. However, the book had over-run it's pages, and something had to be cut. So this little wallhanging ended up on the proverbial cutting floor.

I will see you laundry room is calling.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 80 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Cori's Lonestar

Well Cori has been busy! In the past day or two, Cori has been all over her yard, photographing our quilts. She stopped by my place, and grabbed a car full of quilts, and has been busy ever since. The good news is that we now have enough of them in our computers to finish our 100 Days of Quilts. The even better news is that we have a great plan for what we will do next.
And we have to say thank you for all of the comments that you are leaving. Thanks to Susan, I now know what magazine I need to hunt down to find my own baby quilt. And it made me smile to read that we had Jean looking through our past quilts to see if we repeated one! Wow, now we know that we have to keep on our toes, because apparently you are all watching. And I am glad that Nicolette from the Netherlands has found our blog as well. I am convinced that she must be one of my long lost relatives from Holland.
Anyway, let me tell you about this quilt! It is actually from Cori's personal collection. It was one of the first quilts that we did together. (The pattern was featured in a book, in the early 90's. Sorry that I don't have the title for you.) And I loved this variation of the Lone Star. When we first started making quilts, Cori and I had an agreement. I would piece them, and she would hand quilt them. (yes - I know I got the better end of that deal) So I pieced this one for her, and I even meticulously marked the feathers for her, and Cori hand quilted it. I look back on this quilt in pure shock. We hand marked it, and hand quilted it?! There must have been more than 24 hours in a day back then. Come to think of it....this was before either of us had kids...
So I think it is great to look back on where we started...and stand in awe...and shake my head...and laugh. And if this quilt ever goes missing from Cori's house, she would have a good chance of finding it at mine.
See you tomorrow.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

B is for baby - Day 79 100 days of quilts

This was one of my all time favorite magazine layouts. This quilt was one of the first we did with our Love Joy Peace fabric collection and it was in American Patchwork and Quilting, I believe spring of '06. This was also the first of many simplistic designs that we have become known for. As well, it had a monogram, which happens to be another aspect we have done a lot with. Personalization is especially cool on baby quilts.
The magazine asked us to do a boy version and a girl version. We specifically used light sashing on the girl quilt and dark on the boy as well they were both quilted differently to show variety. Okay so I am realizing that this quilt holds many was also around this time that the magazine started using the human element in their photo's - love that too! And no, this is not any of our kids, but still a cutie none the less.
This quilt has a simplistic design for a purpose, we chose simplicity, big piecing, a large appliqued monogram because often the mother to be who has never quilted before has that urge to start and what better time than when there is a new little life about to emerge. We feel that if we are going to entice a new quilter the quilt needs to be simple to make but hold great impact. I would love to see this quilt done is some modern fabrics. As you can see our fabrics were not children's prints either, although this quilt would be cute in completely kids.. see another idea...endless.

~ cori

p.s thanks for reading my ramblings :) Love sharing them with you!

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Day 78 - of 100 Days of Quilts

ABC...XYZ quilt.

When did we do this quilt? And in what magazine was it published? This is a test...but I won't be able to tell you the answer! Cori sent over these images, so I could blog them, but I couldn't remember where it was first published. I went down to my magazine rack, read through all of my issues (and tried not to get distracted) but I still couldn't find it. I guess it's possible that I never got a copy. So now I will have to search it out....

This was a fun little project that we did using a ABC panel from RJR. Instead of using every block of the alphabet, we chose to just use the first three, and the last three. Then we filled in the rest of the quilt with pieced blocks. When we were done, I was very happy, because I think it is quite charming.

See you tomorrow.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 77 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Quilt for Volker Damm - from the House & Home CD by EQ

It has been a VERY LONG time since we have posted quilts for our '1oo days of quilts', but things are falling into a new routine around here, and we are back on track. Our kids have their last week of school this week, and they can hardly wait. (I've never told them that the American schools have been finished for a few weeks already.) So in honour of another scholastic season coming to an end, I decided to show you the one and only quilt that I have ever made for a teacher.
When I was in grade 9, I had an English teacher who left a large impression on me. Volker Damm was actually an English professor from Germany, who was in Canada for one year on a teacher exchange program. You might think that he was my favorite teacher because he was caring and charming. Well, your wrong. Mr. Damm and I tended to have very loud, vocal debates throughout class. We yelled at each other, we pushed (not literally) each other, and we argued about everything from politics to the true depth of Shakespeare. He's the only teacher who ever pushed to me. When his year was finished, he returned to Germany, and I didn't think I would ever hear from him again. To my surprise, he returned to be the commencement speaker at our graduation from High School. I know that he has always kept tabs on me throughout my life. I would receive post cards from him when he traveled. His letters tracked me down at college, and no matter where I move, his kind words find me, and encourage me to not hide in my shadow.
So several years ago, Cori and I produced a CD for the EQ company ( and it was a collection of houses and buildings. It is a great CD, full of ideas that you have never seen anywhere else before. It is still selling strong, and that encourages us to keep designing.
When we came up with this quilt, I knew that I wanted to make it for someone. I suddenly knew that I wanted to make it for Volker Damm, because after all the grief that I have given him, he deserved a little bit of comfort from me.
See you tomorrow.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Road Trip
So last Friday we packed the car with quilts, tossed in some luggage, and headed out in the rain to Ochre River. It was rainy and gloomy outside, but we weren't complaining, because there was a quilt show waiting for us at the other end. (I would have downloaded the picture of this great adventure, but the camera was left behind. So this expedition will be documented by my hand drawn illustrations. My art teachers are hiding in shame right now.) And since it was raining the whole weekend I (Myra) will be the one depicted with curly hair.

And during our travels into this new territory, we only managed to make one wrong turn. (Cori doesn't 'do maps'...which is a whole 'nother story from our first road trip together 14 years ago.) Lesson #1 from this trip? Bring along the GPS.

But we finally found our way there.

It was a surprise to see so many familiar faces during the Friday night supper. I knew that many great quilters lived up in the Dauphin region, but I never thought that I would see so many of them that night. And we met many new friends, who we will always remember. (like our new assistant Cindy)

We spent the night up in Dauphin, and this just happened to be the town where Cori was born. She hadn't be back to the town in about 20ish years, but we thought that we would drive around and find her old house. Lesson #2 from this trip? Bring along the GPS, because your memory isn't always clear.
And in our final day at Ochre River, we spent our time at the quilt show. I learnt that Cindy is a girl after my own heart. Why do a quilt just once, when the same technique can be done a dozen times, with slight variations each time? I love that about her. But during the show, I also made a personal realization. I came across a very traditional quilt. (not accurately depicted) And I LOVED it. It made me realize that I want to create more quilts like that for myself, because they bring back memories of my childhood, and they reflect the simple joy that comes from piecing a quilt. I have a HUGE stash, and from it, I want to start creating more quilts for my family and friends. Creating projects to fit the ideals of a magazine editor or a fabric company is a great way to stretch my brain, and be creative. But I came away from the show, wanting to sew because I want too, and not because I have too. (But do not fear - Cori and I are not throwing in the towel when it comes to design work. In fact, the weekend provided a lot of time again for a stack of new designs.)
So that was a brief review of a great weekend. THANK YOU Ochre River. And we hope to see you again.

Friday, June 06, 2008

On the road again...

just can't wait to get on the road again (are you singing it with me?) It's raining, finally, and Myra and I are heading out today to Ochre River. Where is Ochre river you ask? It is 1/2 hour from Dauphin. Why didn't I say 1/2 hour from St.Rose? Because Dauphin holds special meaning for me it's where I was born and spent the first 3 years of my life there. I haven't been back in 20 ish years so it's kinda neat, bringing back lots of memories!! Maybe we can take a drive and find my old house or something nostalgic like that! Anyway if you are coming out to Ochre River tonight for the guild windup or the quilt show tomorrow, we'll see you there. Hope you have a great weekend and we will let you know how it goes.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Inspirational quote.

"Dream big, work harder. Have lots of fun, lift a finger, do something for someone else. Cheer your friends on. Cheer yourself up. Celebrate as much as possible. Enjoy everything. Right now. It's OK to want more and do more but be present with where you are or who you are with. Don't rush the situation - even if it's bad. Move on when you can. Don't settle. Try everything you can and get over everything holding you back." [ Alex Beauchamp ]

I get a scrap book related newsletter and this was a the top of the letter. I think it's perfect for where Myra and I are at. Hope you can take a piece of this with you too.

Next on the list...time to apologize. I have not been a very active part of this blog lately. I've been side tracked with yard work and gardening oh and a little scrapbooking too! So I will try to write to you more frequently. Hope my apology is accepted.

On the topic of quilting, a lot going on can't say what but still working hard.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day 76 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Dragonfly Baby Quilt
Do any of you remember this quilt? That was actually a trick question, because I don't think anyone has ever seen it. I found it in our pile of quilts last week, and it brought back good memories. Cori and I designed and made this quilt about 4 years ago. We thought it would be a very different type of baby quilt. Now that I look at it again, I can find several things about it that I would change....but that's a common thought for us around here. So you never know. Someday in the future, you may see this design tweaked and changed, but today you got to see the original quilt.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Day 75 - of 100 Days of Quilts

The past few days have been a blur...again. Cori and I are excitedly getting ready to be at Ochre River this weekend, and finishing up more projects. And my kids remind me almost daily that there is only a 4 more weeks of school.

So in honour of our kids completing another grade, I found an old picture of this project. Cori did this hanging way back in 2004, to celebrate her little girl going to kindergarten, and now, her daughter is finishing grade 3.

I think this would be the perfect 'teachers gift'. And if you are wondering if there is a pattern for this paper pieced project - THERE IS! But you will not find it in any of our books. Instead, you will find it on the computer CD that we developed with EQ several years ago. Cori and I are both rediscovering some of the great projects on this disk. We don't have any copies in stock right now, but you can find them at this link. .

See you tomorrow.