Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Road Trip
So last Friday we packed the car with quilts, tossed in some luggage, and headed out in the rain to Ochre River. It was rainy and gloomy outside, but we weren't complaining, because there was a quilt show waiting for us at the other end. (I would have downloaded the picture of this great adventure, but the camera was left behind. So this expedition will be documented by my hand drawn illustrations. My art teachers are hiding in shame right now.) And since it was raining the whole weekend I (Myra) will be the one depicted with curly hair.

And during our travels into this new territory, we only managed to make one wrong turn. (Cori doesn't 'do maps'...which is a whole 'nother story from our first road trip together 14 years ago.) Lesson #1 from this trip? Bring along the GPS.

But we finally found our way there.

It was a surprise to see so many familiar faces during the Friday night supper. I knew that many great quilters lived up in the Dauphin region, but I never thought that I would see so many of them that night. And we met many new friends, who we will always remember. (like our new assistant Cindy)

We spent the night up in Dauphin, and this just happened to be the town where Cori was born. She hadn't be back to the town in about 20ish years, but we thought that we would drive around and find her old house. Lesson #2 from this trip? Bring along the GPS, because your memory isn't always clear.
And in our final day at Ochre River, we spent our time at the quilt show. I learnt that Cindy is a girl after my own heart. Why do a quilt just once, when the same technique can be done a dozen times, with slight variations each time? I love that about her. But during the show, I also made a personal realization. I came across a very traditional quilt. (not accurately depicted) And I LOVED it. It made me realize that I want to create more quilts like that for myself, because they bring back memories of my childhood, and they reflect the simple joy that comes from piecing a quilt. I have a HUGE stash, and from it, I want to start creating more quilts for my family and friends. Creating projects to fit the ideals of a magazine editor or a fabric company is a great way to stretch my brain, and be creative. But I came away from the show, wanting to sew because I want too, and not because I have too. (But do not fear - Cori and I are not throwing in the towel when it comes to design work. In fact, the weekend provided a lot of time again for a stack of new designs.)
So that was a brief review of a great weekend. THANK YOU Ochre River. And we hope to see you again.


Jean said...

Well, I must say that even though your art teachers are cringing, your still a much better stick people (or should that be people... ahem, my English teacher is now joining in the cringing!) artist then I am! At least you made me smile! And I think that on the whole we get the gist of the trip! Very cute! Last trip with my daughter... we took a map and still missed the turn! 20 minutes down the freeway and we were reading signs, not to where we were supposed to be going! We don't have GPS... just adventures! LoL
Well keep up the good work! Hope you didn't melt in all the rain!

Jean said...

Now I know my English teachers are hiding in Shame! What I meant to say is stick people or persons? (that's what I get for not proof reading my work! My teachers used to get after me for that too! Some things never change!)

nicolette said...

Nice to meet you Cori & Myra! My husband came home today from a business trip to Canada, and guess what... he b(r)ought me the Completely Kids Collection! I love the fabrics ánd my husband! I just visited your website and discovered your blog. Hope to see more of your designs in the future!
Nicolette from Holland