Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 81 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Tiny Tall Timber

It's Saturday, and I am blogging! I am actually taking a break from the enormous amount of cleaning and re-organizing that I have been doing this weekend. (spring cleaning came a little late this year) My husband is gone for a weekend fishing trip up north. (yippee - no big meals to make) which has given me the chance to really dig into my studio. Things have been piling up, and now it was at the point where something drastic needed to be done. So I have had two very glorious days painting, moving furniture, and re-folding everything. And here is a quirky Myra fact - when I clean, I always start by cleaning out my drawers, closets, and my laundry room. My desk can be covered in clutter, and I am OK with that, but when people shove things into drawers, that don't belong in those drawers, I can go a little crazy. My hidden corners must be organized. I am sure a psychologist would have a field day with that little tid-bit of info.

And during my re-folding of projects, I came across this one. Do you remember it from any of our books? Sorry, that was a trick question. It was actually made to be a project in our second book - All Through the Woods. However, the book had over-run it's pages, and something had to be cut. So this little wallhanging ended up on the proverbial cutting floor.

I will see you laundry room is calling.
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Jean said...

Enjoy your tidy time! It seems when ever I get the cleaning bug that's when my sewing room get all the worse for wear. I tend to toss things in there thinking that I will put that away later and well when later eventually comes... it takes a lot longer than it should to actually put those things away. Mostly it's things that I should have tossed to begin with but didn't want to make the decision at the time.
Another blog I read was having a good clean out and found she had copies of quilt mag's that she wanted to get rid of and one of her readers (in Germany) said that oh, to have that problem! So, a bunch of us are sending her our gently used magazines!
Have a great day!