Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 78 - of 100 Days of Quilts

ABC...XYZ quilt.

When did we do this quilt? And in what magazine was it published? This is a test...but I won't be able to tell you the answer! Cori sent over these images, so I could blog them, but I couldn't remember where it was first published. I went down to my magazine rack, read through all of my issues (and tried not to get distracted) but I still couldn't find it. I guess it's possible that I never got a copy. So now I will have to search it out....

This was a fun little project that we did using a ABC panel from RJR. Instead of using every block of the alphabet, we chose to just use the first three, and the last three. Then we filled in the rest of the quilt with pieced blocks. When we were done, I was very happy, because I think it is quite charming.

See you tomorrow.


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nicolette said...

Quilts with letters... I love them!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever made a quilt you didn't like and it became one of your more popular patterns (in terms of purchases)? Also, have you ever made a quilt that you didn't like from the get go, yet you had to make it for a publisher (you still didn't like it when it was finished)? I've asked these questions because I'm curious to know more about the nitty gritty of quilt designing from experts.

susan said...

The pattern is in American Patchwork and Quilting June 2007