Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 80 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Cori's Lonestar

Well Cori has been busy! In the past day or two, Cori has been all over her yard, photographing our quilts. She stopped by my place, and grabbed a car full of quilts, and has been busy ever since. The good news is that we now have enough of them in our computers to finish our 100 Days of Quilts. The even better news is that we have a great plan for what we will do next.
And we have to say thank you for all of the comments that you are leaving. Thanks to Susan, I now know what magazine I need to hunt down to find my own baby quilt. And it made me smile to read that we had Jean looking through our past quilts to see if we repeated one! Wow, now we know that we have to keep on our toes, because apparently you are all watching. And I am glad that Nicolette from the Netherlands has found our blog as well. I am convinced that she must be one of my long lost relatives from Holland.
Anyway, let me tell you about this quilt! It is actually from Cori's personal collection. It was one of the first quilts that we did together. (The pattern was featured in a book, in the early 90's. Sorry that I don't have the title for you.) And I loved this variation of the Lone Star. When we first started making quilts, Cori and I had an agreement. I would piece them, and she would hand quilt them. (yes - I know I got the better end of that deal) So I pieced this one for her, and I even meticulously marked the feathers for her, and Cori hand quilted it. I look back on this quilt in pure shock. We hand marked it, and hand quilted it?! There must have been more than 24 hours in a day back then. Come to think of it....this was before either of us had kids...
So I think it is great to look back on where we started...and stand in awe...and shake my head...and laugh. And if this quilt ever goes missing from Cori's house, she would have a good chance of finding it at mine.
See you tomorrow.
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Jean said...

I LOVE IT! The colors are wonderful! Honestly it makes me think of a snowflake not a star! I guess cause of the wavy arms of it! It's really beautiful! So, I have a question for you both, do you have them all marked with quilt (now wouldn't you know... I can't think of the word! You know, the little pieces of material w/the quilt description and when it was made!) Sigh... some days it just doesn't pay to write anything down cause you know it will be wrong anyway!
You gals are doing great! I don't have any kids at home any more but I still don't think I get as much done as the two of you!
Take care.