Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sister Act.

With everything that has been flowing through our studio lately, it was a real treat to stop and really appreciate some of the work. To help us with our deadlines, we enlisted the skills of some of our former co-workers.

Their is a talented sister pair, who Cori and I use to work with at our local quilt shop. One of the sisters, Lydia, very quickly pieced together a quilt top for us, that has already been sent off to the quilter. You will be seeing in a magazine next spring. And the other sister, Meg, did all of the applique work that is in this picture. It will be the center piece for another Cape Cod project. I really like the way that it has turned out. It has a modern touch to it - because it has a chocolate background, and modern roses in my bouquet! Cori is working on the piecing that will go around this center, and you will be able to see the finished piece in a few more weeks. And I already know that is will be one of my favorites.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Show & Tell

I was at my local grocery store today and came across this magazine...looked inside and found "In stitches" guess who's fat quarters those are on the right hand side? OURS! Bohemian Rhapsody fat quarters are in this months Country Living magazine. This is kind of neat just because this is not a "quilting" magazine. We had sent out some fabric samples and Charolotte at Country living called me and said that they would like to include our fat quarters in a special interest section of this months magazine...Neat.

Another show and tell item is the this totally cool wall hanging! A customer emailed me this picture today and I just had to share. (love getting those pictures!!) It is not that noticable on the picture but there is actually beading all over it. This was a gift...lucky recipient.

"Show and Tell"items (how can you tell I have a child in Kindergarten :) Wether it's something you have done with our fabrics, patterns etc. please do share. I think I can speak for the "whole class" when I say....we would ALL like to see!

I hope you all received our September newsletter. It as full of all kinds of upcoming fun stuff! Go to to add your name to our list!

Have a great day...



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the '7 year' nap

I know Cori blogged last week that all of our kids are now in school...but I couldn't help but expound upon this point. We both have great kids, but my kids were created with a unique characteristic. They never napped. EVER! I couldn't believe it when other mothers would talk about their children having a morning nap, and afternoon nap, and go to bed at 7:00 pm. That was a gene my children definatly didn't have.

And so, in the past ten years, with our four small children under foot, Cori and I designed and published over 100 quilt projects. We created and designed in between feeding kids, washing floors, burning potatos (sorry Cori :) and all the other tasks that had to be done. I don't know if I will be able to design with both eyes on the paper...because one eye is always looking out to see where the kids are.

So, now with every afternoon free, I can see one of two things happening.
A: having more ideas than I can possibly ever draw on paper
B: being very well rested.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but today, I am taking that nap. Because I have waited 7 years for this afternoon.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coming & Going

I quickly grabbed the camera today, to try and capture what the past few days have been like. It seams that my office is now a shipping depot, with boxes arriving, and being sent everyday. I also have to thank my amazing neighbours, who have saved a few boxes left on my front step. A few weeks ago a neighbour rescued a box full of the new handspray samples, and thanks to her, we were able to make the Lemon Slice quilt....and yesterday, the real handspray yardages arrived. The colors really are very lush.We will have the new colors available online in a few days, and you can find them under our 'shop' page...just scroll down below the bohemian fabrics. And it also means that we can start cutting the kits for the Lemon Slice quilt. I can hardly wait. I really do love cutting fabric, and folding it into neat little piles.

And the rest of the boxes? Well, we have had a few quilts returned to us, but in the picture, you can see a glimps of a quilt that is being shipped out in the morning. I can't show you any more, you will have to wait to see it next spring in an issue of Quilts & More. It is from the new Cape Cod fabric line, and it is very soft and sweet. The fabrics for Cape Cod should be shipping in a few more weeks, and we will have them online by mid October. There are also a few more quilts being made right now from this line, and you will be able to see them very soon.

So, I am off to pack a few more boxes, and call the UPS guy. And then I get to lovingly unpack the new fabric, and put them in the shelves.


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Yesterday was the first day of school in our city. Myra and I both have kids starting Kindergarten, which means half days everyday and our oldest are in grades 3 & 2. This extra half day is going to be busy, trying to soak up every oppertunity to work without kids around - we have NEVER worked without kids around (welll occasionaly we get babysitters to watch the kids while we have a work day) but this is different.(guilt free you could say:) ) Kindergarten is always a extra special busy year, half days means lots of driving, especially for me because I live in the country and my kids take the bus in the morning, but I have to go to town to get my "kindergartener"!!

Well if any of you others have school age children, I hope their year has started off as well as ours did and that everyone stays happy and healthy and learns A LOT!

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