Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coming & Going

I quickly grabbed the camera today, to try and capture what the past few days have been like. It seams that my office is now a shipping depot, with boxes arriving, and being sent everyday. I also have to thank my amazing neighbours, who have saved a few boxes left on my front step. A few weeks ago a neighbour rescued a box full of the new handspray samples, and thanks to her, we were able to make the Lemon Slice quilt....and yesterday, the real handspray yardages arrived. The colors really are very lush.We will have the new colors available online in a few days, and you can find them under our 'shop' page...just scroll down below the bohemian fabrics. And it also means that we can start cutting the kits for the Lemon Slice quilt. I can hardly wait. I really do love cutting fabric, and folding it into neat little piles.

And the rest of the boxes? Well, we have had a few quilts returned to us, but in the picture, you can see a glimps of a quilt that is being shipped out in the morning. I can't show you any more, you will have to wait to see it next spring in an issue of Quilts & More. It is from the new Cape Cod fabric line, and it is very soft and sweet. The fabrics for Cape Cod should be shipping in a few more weeks, and we will have them online by mid October. There are also a few more quilts being made right now from this line, and you will be able to see them very soon.

So, I am off to pack a few more boxes, and call the UPS guy. And then I get to lovingly unpack the new fabric, and put them in the shelves.


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atet said...

Ooooh, those new fabrics look yummy! Can't wait to see the new Cape Cod quilts!