Saturday, December 30, 2006

sneek peek

Finished it, just today. Now it is time to let Jacquie Pohl (of Gladstone MB) do her quilting magic! This is a quilt that will appear in a magazine...not telling which one, but you can look for it in late summer. Don't worry we will let you know ahead of time, wouldn't want you to miss it.

I can tell you this though, the fabric is from an RJR Fabrics collection "So You Sew Fun too!" In between our own collections, we get the oppertunity to design quilts using RJR collections. Using bright colors has allowed us to step out and do something different. This quilt design is fun and modern. Hope you think so too.

Friday, December 29, 2006

As 2006 comes to an end...

all I have to say is WOW, we made it! Myra and I have been designing quilts for 9 years and this year I think we have worked our very hardest. (do I dare say that!!) As I look back on 2006 I can not believe all that we accompolished and all the places we went and the really great people we have met.

We released a new fabric collection, designed approximatly 16 quilts to be published, (not to mention the quilts we just design) some of which will only be in print in the new year, went to spring market in Minniapolis, fall quilt market in Houston and CCHA in Toronto, visited quilt guilds, shops and one of my highlights was our Hometown Retreat! We have been focusing on marketing and branding over the past few months and with that brings many, many more ideas. You will see blue meadow designs, well....all over the place in 2007. (and you know we will keep you posted)

As 2006 draws to a close Myra and I find ourselves excitted about 2007. I know that we will push ourselves to new hights. We have many plans and as we have expierienced, surprises always arise. We are thankful and blessed not only with our business but blessed with health, family and friends. God has been good and only he knows what tomorrow brings!

Wishing you a very happy new year!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas from Cori & Myra...

myra harder & cori derksen

otherwise known as "the Girls"
RJR refers to us as "Cora" (mostly when we are not around!!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

desk top calendars

I have made five of these desk top calendars this last week. I used Bohemian Rhapsody fabric, paper, a tin case, ribbon, EQ printables and a lot of zig zag stitching.
You never know where you will see this pattern!
the process...

This is a board I put together to show our process. From our inspiration, the drawing, the fabrics to the finished pattern. We have been custom designing quilts for some of RJR's fabric collections. This collection is called "So You Sew Fun too!" and we were asked to design a quilt for the collection. We found inspiration in a piece of furniture from a magazine clipping and turned it into a EQ5 drawing. In EQ5 we play with color until we find a combonation that we like or should I say four combinations that RJR liked! This quilt will be offered in four color ways. "So You Sew Fun too!" will be released summer '07, be sure to look in your local quilt shop for the collection and pattern! You may remember seeing the finished quilt on a previous post, the "Labyrinth" quilt was displayed in the RJR booth in Houston.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snow ball fight?

It was a beautiful 5 degrees above 0 today!! Myra and I took advantage of the weather and took some pictures of ourselves today. Not because we like pictures of ourselves but because when we do magazine work and such, they always need a picture.

We work primarily for US companies and they ask about what winters are like in Canada. So we thought it would be fun to take some winter pictures and send them their way, hence the snow ball picture.

It was fun trudging through the snow around my yard! Not to mention the GREAT brainstorm session Myra and I had after the shoot! You know us...always thinking or as Myra said "my brain is spinning!!"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Daisy Baby

This baby quilt is so cute! This pattern had it's Canadian debut in Toronto this spring and it's international debut in Houston this fall and it was very well received. You can expect to see more baby/kids designs in the new year! I better get these patterns packaged and shipped, until next time.