Monday, April 30, 2007

Look what Myra found!

Often we have been asked by friends, family, and fellow quilters if it is strange to see our names, and pictures in magazines. And the honest answer is no. It may be a surprise for our friends to open up a magazine and see us in it, but we are not surprised, because it was planned. We signed a contract, we made a project, we wrote and edit instructions, and we assisted the editors with any questions, so by the time we see our project on store shelves, it is almost an old hat for us.

However, this week I was surprised. While in a large chain store, I of course stopped by the magazine rack to see what was new, and what issues I didn’t already have. I was flipping through the latest issue of ‘Love of Quilting’ by Fons & Porter, when I was stopped in my tracks. There, on page 102 was a page of paisley fabric swatches, and among the 10 featured prints, 2 were ours. I was surprised how much seeing those two fabrics impacted me. It may seem silly, but it felt like a moment of acknowledgement. We work endless hours on projects, paperwork, and drawings, and to suddenly see two of our fabrics amongst so many other beautiful prints made me feel like the days we spent pouring over the small details of that print were suddenly worth it. It may be a surprise to many, but we actually do hand draw all of our designs, and hand detail all of the color placements in our prints. It can be a difficult task, but we want our designs to be produced by us NOT the work of an unknown artist who lets us put our name on their work.

And I also realized that there are pieces of our fabrics out there…and we will never see them, but they will be made into quilts, and treasured, and preserved. And someday I hope that our children and our grandchildren will see an old quilt somewhere, and find our fabrics used in it, and I hope they will be proud of who their grandmothers were.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Press.

In the June 2007 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting you will find a baby quilt design by blue meadow. On Page 70 is "easy as ABC" featuring a fabric collection by RJR. It is the cutest picture too, love how they are including the human element in there shots. There is intructions for the boy quilt and a pink girl quilt too.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Surprises

I was playing easter bunny today! An easter basket for a quilter. I was inspired by the wonderful sunshine today and these colors just sing spring to me. These fat quarters rolls are made up of RJR Handsprays and it is the Easter season so they are just perfect! Enjoy.

Monday, April 09, 2007

4th Annual Hometown Retreat

Well the time has come to announce our 4th annual hometown retreat information. Our retreat happens in Winkler MB Canada (our hometown) on October 12-14th 2007. The registration and project will be posted on our website by week end, so be sure to check it out there. Sign ups have begun and we have some very eager to love that!! We host the retreat at the Heartland Resort in Winkler, we design an exclusive pattern, offer kits, unveil our newest products and fabrics, give-a-ways, good food and don't forget the HOT TUB! Go to for more information! Hope to see you there.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can anyone guess
what this might be?
Artwork perhaps?
Cape Cod....
Fall '07...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A new combination...

While I was playing around with my basket of Bohemian Rhapsody Fat Quarters today, I came across a new combination. I took one of the black and white prints and put it together with some greens and a beige, I really liked it and thought that I would share. It just proves that even though we have designed something like 8 plus quilts for this paticular fabric collection, new ideas are still poping up! I challenge you to think of a new color combination.
Fat Quarter SALE!
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