Thursday, September 06, 2007


Yesterday was the first day of school in our city. Myra and I both have kids starting Kindergarten, which means half days everyday and our oldest are in grades 3 & 2. This extra half day is going to be busy, trying to soak up every oppertunity to work without kids around - we have NEVER worked without kids around (welll occasionaly we get babysitters to watch the kids while we have a work day) but this is different.(guilt free you could say:) ) Kindergarten is always a extra special busy year, half days means lots of driving, especially for me because I live in the country and my kids take the bus in the morning, but I have to go to town to get my "kindergartener"!!

Well if any of you others have school age children, I hope their year has started off as well as ours did and that everyone stays happy and healthy and learns A LOT!

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