Monday, June 23, 2008

B is for baby - Day 79 100 days of quilts

This was one of my all time favorite magazine layouts. This quilt was one of the first we did with our Love Joy Peace fabric collection and it was in American Patchwork and Quilting, I believe spring of '06. This was also the first of many simplistic designs that we have become known for. As well, it had a monogram, which happens to be another aspect we have done a lot with. Personalization is especially cool on baby quilts.
The magazine asked us to do a boy version and a girl version. We specifically used light sashing on the girl quilt and dark on the boy as well they were both quilted differently to show variety. Okay so I am realizing that this quilt holds many was also around this time that the magazine started using the human element in their photo's - love that too! And no, this is not any of our kids, but still a cutie none the less.
This quilt has a simplistic design for a purpose, we chose simplicity, big piecing, a large appliqued monogram because often the mother to be who has never quilted before has that urge to start and what better time than when there is a new little life about to emerge. We feel that if we are going to entice a new quilter the quilt needs to be simple to make but hold great impact. I would love to see this quilt done is some modern fabrics. As you can see our fabrics were not children's prints either, although this quilt would be cute in completely kids.. see another idea...endless.

~ cori

p.s thanks for reading my ramblings :) Love sharing them with you!

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Jean said...

You tricked me that's for sure! I'm rememebering this one from a magazine because I went back in your blogs looking for it! Thinking that you had already done it! You busy girls.
Thanks for sharing with us all.
Hope that your having a summer holiday with your families too.
Hugs Jean C.