Monday, June 02, 2008

Day 75 - of 100 Days of Quilts

The past few days have been a blur...again. Cori and I are excitedly getting ready to be at Ochre River this weekend, and finishing up more projects. And my kids remind me almost daily that there is only a 4 more weeks of school.

So in honour of our kids completing another grade, I found an old picture of this project. Cori did this hanging way back in 2004, to celebrate her little girl going to kindergarten, and now, her daughter is finishing grade 3.

I think this would be the perfect 'teachers gift'. And if you are wondering if there is a pattern for this paper pieced project - THERE IS! But you will not find it in any of our books. Instead, you will find it on the computer CD that we developed with EQ several years ago. Cori and I are both rediscovering some of the great projects on this disk. We don't have any copies in stock right now, but you can find them at this link. .

See you tomorrow.

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