Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 74 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Splintered Arrow

Every day I wonder which quilt I should post on the blog. And everyday I walk past this quilt, hanging over the banister of my house...and today, it actually clicked. We haven't shown you Splintered Arrow!

This was a quilt featured in American Patchwork & Quilting, way back in August of 2000. It was our second quilt to be published, and I was more anxious about this second quilt than I was about the first. To me, getting a second quilt into a magazine had more pressure tied to it. What if getting in the first time was a flook? What if they don't ever like any of our designs ever again? What if we were just a one-hit wonder? What will my mother say?!
But it all turned out well, and we slowly built up our confidence.

The quilt is complied of hundreds of little triangles (I think I tend to do that a lot) and it was ment to have a more masculine feel. This quilt, and our first magazine quilt both are a little more special to Cori and I because they are wonderfully hand quilted. Back then, I guess there was time to do that.

And I can't wait until I get a phone call from Cori about this post. I had to include our photo that appeared in the magazine with this quilt. THAT is what we looked like 8 years ago?? Through all of our childhood, Cori always had short hair, and I always had long hair...and now, we kind of meet in the middle. Sometime it is good to stop and look back on where you have come from. At least it will make you smile.

See you tomorrow.
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cot10girl said...

I always loved this quilt! I love the look of all the triangles but shrudder at the thought of making them! I still have that one retreat project (Kenora) with all the tiny triangles unfinished - thanks for reminding me :s
It's fun to see that shot of you both 8 years ago! Thanks for sharing.

Ginny Worden said...

This has always been one of my favorite quilts, and there are many times I pull out the magazine and look at it. One day, very soon, I will start on that quilt. Thanks for the reminder of what an awesome quilt that truly is.