Sunday, May 04, 2008

Retreat '08 Portage La Prairie MB

We are on day three of retreat and I just thought I would share pieces of our weekend with those of you who could not be there (missed you M&L!) Here goes...the first picture is of a miniature version of Oklahoma Twister. I bought this quilt at a mini quilt auction in Dryden Last weekend. It was made by Karen Greaves.

The second picture is of our display. Our new fabrics and patterns are available on our website or call me with your order.

The third picture is our "gadget grandma" a laptop, touch ipod, ipod speakers!! We love it.

The last picture is our 5 year member group. Alice, Sandra, Peggy & Sylvie have been at all 5 retreats!! HOORAY! Thanks ladies for your support and loyalties!

We had a show and tell on Saturday evening and I will load those pictures stay tuned.

I could tell you more but then I would have secret.


p.s it's snowing AGAIN!

p.p.s all photo's by "gadeget Grandma".

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