Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 100 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Blessed Home

It's finally here!!! The final post in our parade of quilts. There was a little pressure (from myself) as to which quilt I would save to the end. I could have chosen a traditional one, or a modern one, or something that was beautifully photographed, but I picked this one for a reason. Because I want quilting, the simple art of sewing and stitching, to bring a Blessing into your life. In these quilts are stories, and journeys, and times of quiet solitude. And they are a physical comfort that can be given to others, so that they will feel the warmth of your love and friendship.

This is the cover, and main quilt in our 5th book, called The Blessed Home quilts. It is a very unique sampler, and it is broken down into 'lessons' so that you can practice a wide variety of quilting techniques.

And I JUST decided (which means Cori doesn't know about it) that we have a nice bundle of quilting goodies that we should give away. So, to have this parcel of 'really good stuff' showing up at your door, simply leave us a comment, telling us which was your favorite quilt from the past 100. I must admit, I will be very interested to hear what grabbed your attention. And I will give you until next Thursday at midnight to enter.

At this late hour, I could write an essay on the journey of posting some of our quilts, but I will keep it simple, and say Thank You for letting us share what we love with you. It was good for us to 'stop and smell the roses.' We had forgotten some of the great projects, and stories, and because of this trip, we had a chance to remember all of the good times. So, THANK YOU.

Cori & Myra


Linda said...

Thank you so much for showing us all these beautiful quilts. When you asked which was our favorite, I thought, How on earth could I choose? There were so many beautiful designs and colours to choose from, from the more traditional to the lovely brights. So having gone back and looked again, and again, I've made my choice. There are two, North of the 49 and Blessed Homes. I just adore the moose, he really sets the scene and the mood of the quilt, and it's such a masculine quilt design. Blessed homes, I love the simplicity of this quilt from the soft calm colours to the beautiful appliqued vines that weave their way around the front fence. Now I know #1 is never chosen, but that's ok I just wanted to take a little time and say thank you for the beautiful eye candy you have both given us.

Carol C. said...

I too would like to thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. Each day I would check your site for a new entry. If there wasn't one in the morning I would check periodically throughout the day! It really is hard to pick a favorite but seeing I am currently working on completing my own "All Throught The Woods" quilt, I must say that is my favorite. (maybe I should use that to enter your new contest!!!) You both are such an inspiration to me. The inspirational quote Cori posted has been copied and posted on my fridge to remind me of what really matters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and beyond!
P.S. I hope you find the "lost" pattern.

Jean said...

Just as the other two have mentioned having gone back to view all of your "first 100" (and I'm hoping that you will share the "next 100" too!) quilts. I thought how on earth is a person to choose just one! Hmmmm, well I have a few favorites so please bare with me! Lady Bug #16 because it is so bright and cute and I'm sure it would delight any child let alone a girl (I know I'm stretching it a bit!) my age!
#45 Lemon Bars the colors are light and beautiful. #80 Cori's Lonestar (because I have one that my grandma in law couldn't finish before she died) #74 Splintered Arrow because of all the rich browns and just the warmth of it's colors. #100 Blessed Homes, because you tied in applique with it. And last but far from least #96 Gramma's Flower Garden, great colors and it touched my heart! O.K. now I know! Gramma's Flower Garden will have to be my favorite. Here's why! My MIL when she was a mom at home with 4 girls was given a Gramma's F. G. quilt top that her mother had made. She told her to sandwich it and quilt it and it would be done. At the time with 4 girls to take care of and not knowing much at all of quilting she gave it to her sister to finish. Her sister knew all about quilting and took it to her Church quilting group and they finished it. When it was done gramma saw it at sisters house, and told my MIL that she would never make her another quilt. And she never did. What can I say, even as I write this now it still brings me to tears.
Thanks for all your sharing. It was a great trip!
Oh, and I think that I know which ones you like best! Check out #'s 33, 52, 65, and 97! LoL... I think you have a theme going!

Ginny Worden said...

How does one choose a favorite from so many beautiful quilts. I think I would have to say that Splintered Arrow is one, and is definitely on my "To Do" list. I also like North of the 49, so Canadian, and something that evokes a sense of pride in me. Thank you so much for sharing your quilts, insights and ideas.

Jean said...

As long winded as I was... I forgot to tell you that even though it wasn't a quilt, I think that the blog on June 12th was great too! Love the drawings! My daughters 23rd birthday!

Sue Cahill said...

So hard to choose a favorite but the quilt that tugs at my heart the most was #89, the Vintage Baby quilt. I love to do redwork and other embroidery and have made similar quilts for my grandchildren and I can see the love in that quilt.
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Karen S said...

Today my favorite would be Baby Boho as I am searching for a quilt to make for my expectant sister.

Love Joy Piece said...

Myra and Cori:

Thank you for your creativity in this blog and the blogs that have been created because of your blog.

Which is my favorite quilt, it depends on the day, it depends on what is happening, and they are all beautiful.

Today, history, family, community and creativity are important and I select: Day 96 - of 100 Days of Quilts: Grandmother's Flower Garden from 'Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece'

My Mother left me with the beginnings of a Grandmother's Flower Garden in 1999. That beginning has turned into a blue, yellow, and white hand quilted queen size quilt and will be our gift to her grandson/my nephew and his wife. I'm finally to the part where I can put on the binding that goes around every angle. Royce and Vola patiently wait for the quilt and often remind me of the "relationships" quilted into a quilt.

I've looked at your pattern many times in 'Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece' and the green color is so warm and reminds me of love. The method is totally different then what my Mother started and I finish. You have broadened our horizons, once again, to think of options.

Thank you again for all aspects of friendships and quilting!

Sipiweske Quilts said...

Settler's Crossing and Oklahoma Twister are my two favorites. I had to go back through all the postings and have another look . . . what a stack of quilts you gals have! Trying to choose one was too difficult so I narrowed it down to the two. Great fun keeping tabs on you through the 100 postings - keep up the good work! - Marlene

diane said...

Like Love, Joy, Piece wrote..."it depends on the day, it depends on what's happening" that's how I feel as far as picking my favorite. At this moment in time I would have to pick Day 60, the College Quilt. I have homeschooled 4 kids for the past 13 years and don't have a lot of time for quilting. That's why I love some of your easier ones that I can actually finish. Last year I completed 9 quilts which is a miracle for me. Anyway, my oldest daughter graduated HS in May and the past several weeks have been busy getting her ready for college. Where did the time go? I love this quilt (and hope to have one finished by the time she graduates college!!!) because it reflects all the characteristics of a godly young lady. As she heads off to college, I pray that her life will reflect the values we have tried to instill in her these past 17 years and treat others with love and respect. Thanks again for all your work. I, too, have loved coming to the computer every morning to see what was new and be inspired.

ka said...

Daisy Baby. Because that's the one I made for my little baby girl (before I even knew she was a baby girl - but since I never did the boy quilt I must have subconsciously known...). And it's been well photographed - everything from my maternity shots before Scarlett was born to HER first photo shoot when she was 3 weeks old. It was also the first time I made a really honest attempt at hand applique. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

Thanks for the quilts, ladies! Fun to have lots of inspiration. Now if I could only get my girl to have longer naps... ;)


susan said...

I have so enjoyed this site and to see what is out there-I was reviewing the quilts and the same one just said I am the one you love the most-Songbirds, can not explain, it just is. Thank you for several quilt ideas that will be made up for my family and friends.

bluemeadow fan said...

I too would like to say a big THANK-YOU for all of the displays of your creativity in the 100 Days of Quilts! It sure kept me going back to the blog to see what came next!!

There are too many lovely quilte to choose a "tops" but I am going to have to say one of my favourites is "Grandma's Garden." I have long admired that lovely design but thought that it could only made with hexagons. You have shown a different method. I love the colours you have chosen for it.

Thanks for sharing your quilts!

lilsis said...

Oh wow... I came to your blog through the EQ blog and I'm so happy they posted about your plan B contest. I've thoroughly enjoyed going through the 100 quilts and am hard pressed to narrow down to one favorite. Cori's Lonestar was very strong in the running until I got all the way back to #1. I sure do hope that you one day release the pattern because Love Joy Peace Retreat '06 quilt is a gorgeous quilt. I love how so many of your patterns are simple, yet stunning. I love your fabric and color choices, and can't wait to see more of your designs in the future!

Terry said...

I have just now found your blog and have just peeked at the last few quilts in your 100. They're all so beautiful but so far my favorite is #99! I love the pattern and the colors and everything about it! I'm off to look at the rest of the lovely quilts now! :0)