Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 90 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Little Lady - baby size

We only have 10 more days of quilts left to show you! It has been fun going through our old files, and remembering so many of our projects, but we hope that you will enjoy what we have planned next.

This is one of the baby quilts that we designed using the RJR handsprays. It's great to use these fabrics in a project, because they will stay around for a longer time, and it is easy to make new and exciting color combinations.

Like many of our baby quilts, this one (which is reversible) is a simple design so that it is appealing to new quilters, or young mothers trying to make their first project.

See you soon,


nicolette said...

Love this quilt!

Jean said...

So, I have two questions. Whose little cute child is that and what can you tell me about that fabric that "lasts longer"?
The quilt is really cute, and so is the little one! I need to catch up... I started to leave a msg. and messed up left your site and then when I returned, (only a minute later) you busy bee's had posted again! Gee I will never catch up if you keep moving like that!