Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 97 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Turtle Twist - in Quiltmaker magazine...NOW!

I could pull some more quilts out of our archives for today's post...but I got this image this morning, and thought I would share it with you.
For those of you who live in the US, you may have already seen this quilt, but Cori and I have only received an e-mail of it. It is in the current issue of Quiltmaker, and it is another fun little kids quilt using our Completely Kids line of fabric. This one really is too cute! Cori and I designed it for the magazine, but it was made 'out there' so we have not seen the finished project. It is much more of a surprise when you don't see the quilt in every step of the process, and you are very relieved when it all works out, and there were no serious glitches. I even heard the rumor that this quilt is on the cover. Is that true? This issue will make it up to us in Canada (eventually) and then I can't wait to read through the whole magazine, and see what other great projects it holds.
So enjoy this project! And I will be scoping out the magazine racks.
See you tomorrow.


KF said...

Yes - I've seen the cover, and you're it! Congratulations!

Quilt Garden said...

On the magazine web site you can see the cover. They also show a picture of the quilt laying falt. Far too cute for words. I think I must add this to my ever growing list.

nicolette said...

Too cute for words indeed. I have all the fabrics, so I feel inspired to make a turtle kids-quilt!

Veronica said...

I have been drooling over this quilt since I received my Quiltmaker magazine! I plan on buying the fabrics to make it for my soon-to-be new grandbaby.