Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day 82 - of 100 Days of Quilts
Lost Crows Pass
Now here is a blast from our past! This is another quilt from Cori's personal collection. It was one of the early quilts that we designed - hence the million triangles. If you listen closely, you still might be able to hear a few cuss words falling off this quilt. This was NOT Cori's favorite project. I am scratching my brain, trying to remember what was problem with this quilt. I think that one of the fabrics (maybe the background) was a lot stretchier than the others, and it was a mess to try to piece together. And then of course, Cori had to hand quilt in the ditch of all of those triangles. I was proud of her for actually finishing this quilt, and not tossing it out when it was done.

And it is another quilt, that I think would look really good if it was done in half the size. Hey Cori - would you mind making me one of these?

See you tomorrow.


Jean said...

If Cory does make that one miniture... ha... bet she trys to talk you into quilting it! Hmmmmm machine or not to machine!
Have a great day! I don't blame you about the oops's... Triangles... you think there are enough?
Jean C.

Carol C. said...

I really enjoy your site. I absolutely love the "Lost Crows Pass" quilt!! Just wondering if there is a pattern for it and where I could get it. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great work.
Carol C.
P.S. I ordered your book "All Throught The Woods" a while ago and was pleasantly surprized to see that you had taken the time to sign it. Thanks so very much.