Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 39 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Main St - from Down In The Valley

This has always been an old favorite of mine. When I first learned to paper piece, I started creating houses. My first 'house hanging' (is still un-quilted) was a row of houses that is about 5" tall, and 7 feet long. I just couldn't stop adding houses and trees to the little village I was creating.
Cori and I have always shared an excitement over houses, and interior design, so she understood how I kept making more houses, and that my villages kept growning. The above quilt reflects character houses that could be found in a small quaint town. It was fun and challenging to come up with new buildings. Some quilters feel that the buildings are too small, but they were created to fit on to a 7" x 9" book page. Several years ago, I made Christmas hangings for my Grandmothers, and I used the center 5 houses from this hanging, but I increased the size 150% from the original. It worked out great. So don't be intimidated by the small pieces in the Church windows, just enlarge the building until it is at a size that you feel more comfortable with.
See you tomorrow.
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annette said...

Wanted to comment on the gorgeous fabric (from last post - but no comment box!). Can't wait to be able to puchase - it's lovely. Bright and fun with oh so many possibilities. Already projects are coming together in my head - i really should get myself a sketchbook!

Marlene Biles said...

I made this house quilt when your book first came out - I love this quilt! I still remember sewing those little church windows and how amazing they looked when it was all done. Wonderful pattern!

mrspesti said...

I have always wanted to make a building/house quilt. Heres some food for thought: when i do make a building quilt i want to make them quilt shops and applique flowers boxes and quilt shop signs of all my favorite quilt shops. (what a dream to have all your favorite quilt shops on one street!!!!!!!)