Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 24 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Ocean Waves

This weekend I finally finished a project that was starting to grow roots in my sewing studio! A couple of months back you might remember me talking about making a quilt for the MCC quilt room located in Ephrata Pa. Well, I finished it, and it left this morning...and I it feels great for several reasons. First, it's an awesome organization, which my family has been a part of for many, many years. Second, I had a reason to try our Ocean Waves pattern, which was a lot of fun, (don't fear all of those triangles) and the Third reason I loved this quilt is becasue it used a lot of fabrics from my stash. I used over 12 yds! And when you use that much out of your stash (it still didn't make a dent in what is left in my stash) it releases a little guilt that you might have, and you are then free to go out and buy more fabric!
So, that is what Cori and I were doing last friday. Sorry for the delay in blogging that morning, but we we hit the road early to get to the quilt shops. Our first stop was Oma's quilt shop in Grunthal MB. Adina (Oma) always has the most welcoming smile, and enthusiasim for anything that you are working on. We bought fabric to finish a bunch of projects, and of course we also bought fabrics for no reason at all. From there, we headed even farther east to Tanell's quilt shop which is in Steinbach MB. This is where we found a lot of the Joel Dewberry's, the Amy Butler's, and the other bold prints that we picked up. Cori also found the best backing for one of my quilts. I sewed up a red and white quilt a few years ago, and I love it, but it needs the right backing. Cori found this amazing red with a small white dot. It's perfect. now I can send it off to the quilter, and share it with you soon.
Cori and I are also talking about what we are going to do when these 100 days of quilts are done. We could easily have a 100 days in Myra's fabric stash! But I think we have a better plan - and it is something no one has ever done before. We will start talking about it soon, because it will envolve all of you, and one of you will come out a real winner.
The other thing you need to keep your eyes open for is this Ocean Waves quilt again. Sometime this month, I will post a picture of the origional quilt, and in that picture is one of us. I will post it on one of our birthdays....which happens to be a day when we will give YOU the gift.
P.S. The Ocean Waves quilt that I pieced will be sent to Material Resources in Ephrata Pa. It will be hand quilted by Amish and Mennonite women, and donated to one of their quilt sales in the US. To find out more, please visit .
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