Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 29 - 100 days of quilts

Mountain Hollow - Down in the Valley

I have really re-discoverd some of our older projects. So often Myra and I are on such a tight time schedual that we just move forward and don't take or have the time to enjoy were we are right now. When we wrote Down in the Valley, I had a three month old baby and Myra was pregnant with her first. We wrote four books in four years and had four children (2 each). And I can't say that it has slowed down at all!

Mountain Hollow was a fun chapter, everything is crocked (on purpose) it was supposed to be a "Hillbillish" kind of look. (that's not politically correct, but I mean NO disrespect) The other thing that came to my attention when I took this picture was this was back in the day were using fabric collections was not a popular thing. Quilter's just chose fabrics that worked in their projects regardless of who designed it - picking fabrics that they just loved! Have you made a project lately that just used fabrics and not a collection? DO's freeing. (Some of our next projects do just that!!) Back to the project at hand...the top block is the old fashioned school house and fence, then the center of this wall hanging is the church (that was not by accident either.) the bottom block is a homestead, house, shed and outhouse. We picked a plaid for the borders and black sashing to frame each setting. Look into some of your old patterns and books and see how you can re-create some of those projects! Have fun. Stay warm.

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Marlene Biles said...

I made this quilt when the book first came out - I love it! And it was fun using all the different fabrics to make the quilt "just right". Love the 100 days of quilts - keep up the great work. M.