Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 28 - 100 Days of Quilts

Sign of Winter - Four Season's of quilts

THis morning we awoke to a light duting of fresh snow on the ground and that inspired me to look for a "Wintery" project!

This little project is from our Four Season's of quilts book. It is 14" x 9" and it is on a stretcher bar frame. We designed a "sign" for each season - making them nice little pieces of art.

This project is HAND appliuqed as well as a touch of hand embroidery. If you have never tried hand applique before this is the perfect little project to try.

Well the weather forecast is for more snow, wind and zero visablily so this is the perfect day to stay inside and work on a quilt project (as for me...I will be editing more patterns!)

It is also a really big week-end in Winkler and if you are a hockey fan you will be interested! I will post the pictures and story behind that in a little while.

Happy Winter!

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Dawn said...

I have been enjoying every day of your fabulous quilts!

Thank you for sharing--they are beautiful and so inspiring!