Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 37 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Rubber Ducky
Surprise! I am posting this before I go to bed, so that all of you on the East Coast will have a new quilt waiting for you in the morning.
Today I am breaking the rules, and being a rebel. I am breaking the rules, because I am posting a picture of a quilt that isn't even finished, and I am being a rebel, because I didn't ask Cori for permission.
But I had to choose this little quilt, because it fits in perfectly with the neighbourhood news. Last week I got the much anticipated phone call. The awesome neighbours across the street are going to be grandparents!! I have given them a week to tell everyone, and now I am posting it for the world to know. I am so happy for them, that they are now starting on this next phase of their lives, but they both look way to young to be grandparents. Does this mean that they are going to park the Harley Davidson? I hope they know that I am always willing to take it out for a drive to keep it running properly. (OH NO! I just had another shocking thought - will this new arrival delay the hot-tub project? I will promise to make the baby quilt, as long as they don't have to cut out their hot-tub plans.) Of course I am only joking about the silly stuff, the real fun will be dreaming up and designing more baby quilts. So, let me officially congratulate the Reynolds and the Neufelds, and say that we are all very excited for them.
And why have I only shown you a small corner of this rubber ducky quilt? Because I am a little unsure of the other part. This will be my version of the ducky quilt, but Cori is planning on using the same applique shapes, but creating a quilt with a completely different look. So keep watching, someday we will work out all of the kinks, and reveal the complete project.
See you tomorrow.
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