Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 26 - of 100 days of Quilts

Amish Bars - Easy Quilts by Fons & Porter - Spring 2008

Today I am totally cheating on picking a project to post. I am simply picking the newest one! A few days ago we got our copy of Easy Quilts, which is a new publication by Fons & Porter. We made a fast and fun quilt based on the simple Amish Bars block, but we did it using soft prints instead of solids. I really do like the gentle feel of the finished quilt. The fabrics were all from our last line - Cape Cod by RJR fabrics, and the magazine is on news stands now!
Here is a little more insight into working with a magazine. When we proposed the quilt, and met with the editors, they looked at our complete fabric line, and decided which color palette they wanted the project to be done in. An editor has to carefully balance many things when compiling an issue. They have to have projects of every size, skill level, and color combination. When they looked at our fabric line, they could have made bolder choices, but they felt this colorway would be different from the other projects.
I agree with their choice, and once again, they knew how to pick the right setting to compliment the quilt.
This is just the first issue in 2008 with one of our projects. Keep you eyes open for more projects in the upcoming issues of American Patchwork & Quilting, and Quilts & More. In fact, if any of you see our projects, please let us know. It seems that the magazines are available in the US a week or two before we get them up here in Canada.

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annette said...

I love the tranquility of this quilt. Will look for the magazine. Again, thanks for sharing.