Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Talk Tuesday

Q: Why are you posting a question for Talk Tuesday on Wednesday?
A: Because Cori was sick, and Myra was in charge. Enough said.

But here is the real question that we are going to answer today.

Q: Are there any designers that inspire you?
A: We are going to be very bold, and tell the truth. No. Are all of you shocked and surprised?

There is one part of me (Myra) that is inspired by a quilt designer who was at her prime 100 years ago. Her name is Marie Webster, and she has been the only one who has inspired me by her works. But she represents only one part of the quilts that I like to design.

But if you stand back, and look at the industry, there are actually very few quilt designers. There are a TON of fabric designers, but have you noticed that most of them don't quilt? Most of the big designers create stunning fabrics, but they don't know what to do with them. They may make smaller projects, that only use one or two fabrics, but they honestly don't know how to design a quilt with the collection they have produced. But, this is where Cori and I come in. Fabric companies, and magazines hire us to design quilts using fabrics designed by others. We are often very inspired by fabrics, but we do not have another designer in the industry who we look at and say "now they know how to design a great quilt."

So, that is the post for today, but if you have any other questions you would like to ask us, just drop us an e-mail, and we will answer it here next Tuesday (or Wednesday).


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