Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mystery Monday @ Myra's

Where was Myra last Monday? Well, that's a mystery too! I was trying to recover from our phenomenal retreat weekend. We never went to bed before 1:00 am, and I never felt tired, because I was so excited by the projects that everyone was working on. I came away INSPIRED by the whole THANK YOU for everyone who came out to be with us.

But now it is time to show you another part of our Criss-Cross Apple-Sauce project. And, after a little configuring, I did manage to get proper illustrations for this project. So here are two blocks of our project.

The Nine Patch block.

Horizontally sew together a 2" strip of an accent color (the one that will be more predominant); and a 2" strip of background (mine is yellow); and another 2" strip of the accent color. Cut across this unit vertically every 2" to form a 'strip segment.' Repeat this cut, until you have a total of 18 segments.

Repeat this process, but with the colors in opposite locations. Use the 2" strips of your background (yellow) with an accent color in the middle (purple). Vertically cut across this unit every 2". Repeat this cut until you have a total of 9 segments.

Join two of your first segments to each side of the second segment, to form a nine patch block.

You will need a total of 9 nine-patch blocks. They should measure 5" x 5" at this point, and will have a finished size of 4 1/2" when pieced into the project.

Border Blocks
Sew a 2" strip of the other accent color to the top of the 3 1/2" border fabric. Vertically cut across this every 5" to form the border blocks.

Repeat the step until you have a total of 8 blocks. They should measure 5" x 5" at this point, and will have a finished size of 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" when pieced into the project.

That's it for today's homework. And you might not believe it, but we are almost finished the project! I will show you my finished project at the very end. And please e-mail with any questions that you might have. (sometimes things make more sense in my head, than in print)

See you next Monday...


Sipiweske Quilts said...

Welcome back Myra! We all stalled out last week - fabrics are all ready to go and can't wait to see what you have planned for the finished project. Love little projects like this . . . hoping it will work out for someone's Christmas gift. - Marlene

Edna said...
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