Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talk Tuesday

Q: "Most designers have one specific look, you don't. Is there a reason you design differently?"

A: Thanks for noticing! If you look back on our 6 books, each one is distinctively different. Then there is our selection of 40 plus patterns, they are different too. Most designers choose a single look, this is for branding purposes. Branding is so the consumer will automatically recognize your work without even seeing your name. So, yes we design differently for a reason! We have many different styles, this is so we as well as you don't get bored with our products. Make sense? Yes, sometimes it would be easier to stick to one look, yet we would be very bored by that. There are too many great ideas not to explore them because they don't fit into our box. As designers we like to push ourselves to come up with new and exciting quilts and patterns. The other reason is to keep our customers guessing..."what will bmd come up with next?"

I love your questions, keep them coming. Let us know what some of your favorites styles are.


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ka said...

Okay, so you two maybe have style but not A "style" (I know, I'm punny), but are there any designers out there who's style you generally like? Generally just meaning more often than not, you don't have to think everything they do is fabulous...