Thursday, October 23, 2008

Inspiration Thursday

Sometimes our quilts are inspired by places not colors or magazine tear outs.
Longwood is a new pattern release and it was inspired by one of Myra's favorite places - Longwood gardens in PA. Really she should be writing this so I will let her ad her thoughts of inspiration to this post....

This is another quilt that had been on our design board for a long time, and it was just waiting for the right fabrics to come along. When we were looking at the project, I asked Cori 'What are we going to name it?' And she said Longwood! It suddenly all clicked together. This design accurately describes Longwood, which is one of my favorite places in the world. I was able to show Cori Longwood Gardens back in 1994, so she understands the beauty of this place, and why I love it so much.

The Longwood Gardens are located about 30 min. west of Philadelphia, PA. The original garden can trace it's history back to the 1700's, but since that time it has grown to about 1000 acres, but it feels very small and intimate. There are towers, and ponds, and trees from around the world that were collected by Pierre Du Pont, and brought to this garden. Christmas at Longwood is one of the most spectacular sights. There are no words to describe it, but if I lived any closer to it, I would be there every year.
Our quilt design characterizes Longwood to me. It is filled with different sizes, and colors of floral prints, but it also structured and formal at the center, just like the garden. So this quilt depicts my 'favorite place in the world' and maybe next week Cori will show you the quilt she designed around her 'favorite place in the world.'

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