Monday, October 06, 2008

Mystery Monday @ Myra's.

Is it really Monday already? It was wonderful spending an entire weekend at home with the kids, and enjoying some of the great fall weather. Yesterday we were out in the hills, driving through the fall leaves, and spending time with family and friends.

And today - I am back at the office. Cori mentioned in the last post, that we now have a new format for the next few months. And today, it starts with a mystery.

We have often been asked if we would ever do a mystery quilt. So far, we never have, and it is because of me..and here is why. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FINISHED PROJECT WILL LOOK LIKE! I am too chicken to cut up precious fabric, and sew it into a project that I do not know what it looks like. However, today, I am leading you down this exact path, and asking you to do what I have never done. You are just going to have too trust me on this. It should be fun, and I would love to see what all of you create. So here is the beginning of our mystery project.

This is a small table square project that Cori designed over 10 years ago, and it is one of my favorites. So while you are all making one, I have decided to make another one right along with you.

Criss-cross Apple-sauce
Finished Size: 24 1/2" x 24 1/2"

1/2 yd border print and binding (small to mid size print)
1/3 yd background print
1/4 yd medium color tone-on-tone print (to compliment the border print)
1/4 yd medium color tone-on-tone (a different color than above, also to compliment the border print.)
26" x 26" of batting
3/4 yd of backing

I do believe this is all we will need to get this project going. So I am heading down to my stash, and finding some of my favorite fabrics.

See you next Monday.


Love Joy Piece said...


Just to let you know we are reading, what is a ton-on-tone? I'm looking for my tone-on-tone but need help with the "Ton"!

Are you telling us the "ton of applesauce" is going to find us? We know Halloween is just around the corner!

Karen Greaves said...

Okay, I'll play, too.

MYRA said...

Oh goody! A small enough mystery that I can take part in! Never done a mystery, and was putting off doing one cause I don't have time for a big one! 8-)
I had decided to stick to my UFOs until there was time to do a mystery... I'll go look through my fabrics now! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

mrspesti said...

YEAH A MYSTERY!!!! ( i hope i am patient enough) well i guess i can be since i cant peek.!!! Cant wait to get started!!!!