Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 64 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Garden Tiles - Quiltmaker - March/April '07

On this rainy / snowy Thursday morning, I am taking another stroll down memory lane. I went down to my library a few nights ago, to look for some of our past magazine quilts. Ah, the memories. So while Cori is busy photographing our new quilts, I will dust off some of our earlier projects.
Do any of you remember this quilt? It was a project requested by Quiltmaker, and they wanted to use our Bohemian Rhapsody line of fabric. Once again we met with the editor - Brenda - and she helped choose the color palette. Once again, the editor made a choice that surprised me. We had designed the quilt with a narrow white strip between some of the blocks, just to calm down the colors. Brenda really wanted us to us a black and white print instead of just a solid white. Huh? What do I do? Do I tell her that I think she is wrong? Or do I follow her instructions, and see what happens? We chose the second option. She is the editor, and this isn't her first day on the job, so she must know what she wants. And once again I was surprised. Using the black and white print is NOT something I could have envisioned, but it really does add some life to the quilt. A solid white would have made the project more 'flat'. So her is another example of why I am not an editor, mearly a designer, who still has more to learn.
See you tomorrow.
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