Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 58 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Charm square quilt
Isn't this quilt great! It's another one of my favorites, and it's not mine. I really shouldn't be talking about this one, because Cori is the one who dreamed it up, and created it.
A few months ago we were at a quilt shop, and Cori picked up a charm pack. Who can resist them? They are fun to buy, but do you ever get anything done with them? Personally I would just keep adding them to my ever growing stash. But when Cori has fabric sitting around, it MUST be used up in a project.
The quilt idea was simple, but beautiful. She framed the various charm pack blocks with either white, green or chocolate. And there are an odd number of each framing color. I also love that she used a huge print for the backing, which was actually from the same fabric series as the charm squares. And my final comment is about the quilting. The linear, simple, square quilting is the perfect fit for this project. It makes it feel more modern and structured, where meandering quilting would make it feel more country.
That's it for my insights.

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cot10girl said...

I like the quilting too.