Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 63 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Girlie Girl

Annette is wanting to see some more of the completely kids fabrics so here it is.
This quilt is a pattern coming soon to our shop. It is a twin size quilt with the large flower motif in the center and easy pieced borders. In colors of pink, orange and green, what girl wouldn't love it! Even if you don't have a little girl or grandaughter, what's wrong with making it for yourself, it would make a great TV blanket. (this is a great design for a teenager too.)

Seeing as we are a bit behind I thought I would post another quilt today - hope you don't mind. Thanks for the comments. We keep getting emails letting us know how much you all love the 100 days of quilts. Has anyone started their own 100 days yet, let us know.

This afternoon Myra is coming by and we will be photographing the
"all boy" quilt (the brother quilt to girlie girl!) Wish us luck! Stay tuned for more...oh if you are a subscriber to http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/ newsletter, I just received it in my inbox and to my surprise...we are the feature again.


(PS -this is my little girl, tucked up in her bed, watching cartoons, while recovering from her tonsillectomy a few days before. -myra)
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annette said...

Thank you for sharing a Completely Kids quilt - again gorgeous!! I have a couple of girlies who would LOVE it. This 100 days of quilts almost makes me wish we still lived in ON - It would then be more feasible to attend one of your retreats or see your quilts at a show!!... but the reality is no snow winters will always beat out snow winters!