Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 53 - of 100 Days of Quilt

Banded Lap Quilt

Sometimes we like a quilt so much that we do it twice. The top picture is an A-symmetrical lap quilt that we put into our Love Joy Peace book. But when our Cape Cod line of fabric arrived, Cori envisioned this quilt is a new color palette.
What I like about this design, is that is gives an area for creativity. On our first quilt, we left it open, and simply used a print bird print for this large area. But I think this is where you can get very personal. It would be great to fill this area with a long trailing floral vine. Or how about an urn full of fruit? What I suggested Cori put along the side of her quilt was her family name of 'Derksen'. What do you see in the wide border? We love taking a quilt, and re-thinking it, because with every quilt, there really are so many possibilities.
see you tomorrow.
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