Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 51-of 100 Days of Quilts

Daisy Baby

Today's post is most unusual. That is because it is inspired by lack of space.
Cori and I will be traveling, and attending a lot of upcoming quilting events (yippee, yippee, I can hardly wait!) but that also means that stock of kits, bundles, and fabrics is piling up in the studio. I was actually sorting through my pile of quilts, trying to make them fit into an even smaller area, when I suddenly realized, we just have too many quilts. So, without actually checking with management (a.k.a. Cori) I have decided to have an impromptu 'inventory reduction sale.'
Daisy Baby was a favorite quilt of ours, because at the time, it was radically different than other applique quilts. The large daisy's are plopped on the white front, with some of them even being cut off at the edge. The backing to this quilt is a striped backing, representing the daisy colors. This pattern was kitted by RJR, and it was one of their most successful baby kits. We really loved it, and apparently so did many of you.
The three above quilts are amongst our favorites, but they are samples that we made showing the pattern in different colorways. They are hand appliqued, and machine quilted, with all of the work done my either Cori, me, or my mother. And they are a finished baby size quilt. (I believe they are 40" x 52") The kits are available on our website for $74.95 each. So we are making you a great offer, by letting these quilts go for $99 each. If you are interested in any of them, simply contact one of us by e-mail, and we will get it out to you.
So, now it is back to the studio, and searching for other creative ways to make everything fit.
See you tomorrow.
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