Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 47 - of 100 Days of Quilts


Hello, hello, hello!! Yes - we are all still alive and well out here in the prairies. And today you will finally have a new quilt to analyse. (I bet Irene is just happy to finally see a new one on our site.) I know that it has been a few days since I have been able to post, but I thought that if I would stop counting the days, maybe my birthday wouldn't show up. I was wrong, but I LOVED reading all of the birthday wishes. It made me smile thinking of the friends I know who left comments, and I wondered if I will ever be able to meet all of the new friends who left wishes as well. So Thank-you everyone who gave me a great birthday.
What did we do while we were missing? Unpacking boxes of fabric! Cori has been working on all of the new pattern releases, and I have been working on getting our fabric samples through customs and into Canada. So we have both been swamped under paperwork. (I bet you think designers get to sit in their studios and draw all day...well, your wrong.) The bulk shipment of our new fabric line should be arriving in stores in the next week or two, and we can hardly wait to get our cuts. Right now we got a small sampling of each fabric, so that we could finish some upcoming magazine quilts. But soon, my studio will be over flowing with Completely Kids fabrics. And do you know the funny thing? When I saw the fabrics for the first time last week, it suddenly hit me - 'Cori and I designed this'. We've been doing this for YEARS, but only this week both sides of my brian clicked together, and for the first time, this fabric really felt like it was mine. Maybe all of these deep insights happen when you hit 35.
Well, in honor of Sara who won the birthday draw, I chose to post this quilt today. It is actually an old project of Cori's, but I asked her to dig it up to share with all of you. It was a fun little paper pieced project depicting where we would like to be during our long cold winters. I cropped it in a little on this picture, because Cori hasn't finished the binding! This is a shocker to me, because she NEVER leaves anything un-done, that is usually my department.
So Sara - this one is dedicated to you. Enjoy those umbrella drinks on the beach, and we will see you soon in the sunny, flat, dry prairies!
I will see you tomorrow.
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cot10girl said...

Cheers, Sara! See you in May.

sara groves said...

yay - so cute. so perfectly accurate. warm sunny and colourful. I cant wait!! you should bring this project with you so i can have a look at it up close...i very much like it!