Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Day 43 - of 100 Days of Quilts

How does your garden grow? - Four Seasons of Quilts.

How often do you see a quilt in an 'Action Shot?' This is my daughter, using the special quilt that she knows was made just for her.

This quilt was one of the project in our 4th book, and like all of our quilts, there is a little story behind it. I have always had a fairly large (it's actually enormous) fabric stash. And in that stash, I have had a large stack of pink fabrics. Why would I ever buy pink? My personal style does not lean toward girly, frilly, or pink. Well, that all changed one Christmas Eve. After a very long hard pregnancy, I had a little girl. It was the best Christmas ever, because not many people came to visit - they were all at their gatherings. So it was just me and her, quietly spending our time together, and suddenly, I started dreaming about pink quilts. Before I left the hospital, I had this quilt drawn out, and I had decided that the background had to be soft pink.

And as it turns out, this quilt perfectly reflects who my little girl is. She LOVES pink, and LOVES flowers, and she is defiantly a girly-girl.

I later decided that I wanted to use one of my favorite stripes for the border, and I wanted to format that border in a different way. The top and bottom borders are wider to help make it a more balanced finished size, and they are 'framed' with a narrow border of green.

And I am sorry that I didn't get this quilt posted yesterday, but Cori and I had a very full day of planning new quilts, buying fabrics, and organizing the arrival of the first cuts of fabric from our new line. So in the very near future, my basement will be flooded with fabric, and you will be seeing A LOT of new designs.
See you tomorrow.
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diane said...

That is just a picture of peace ...a sweet little girl wrapped up in her mother's time and love. Nothing could be more beautiful. Thanks for all the lovely pictures.

annette said...

How beautiful... the girlie and the quilt is delightful. I love that the flower centers are all yellow - really brings it all together. Such talent!

susan said...

Is it possible to get this pattern and if it is where do I go? I have two granddaughters who would love this pattern.

susan said...
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