Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 45 - of 100 Days of Quilts

Lemon Bars - Quilts & More spring 2008

It's another busy at in the office, so I am cheating again, and taking a quilt straight out of a magazine. This is our Lemon Bars quilt that is on news stands now. I had almost forgotten about this project (too many quilts to keep track of) when Cori said that a magazine arrived in the mail. I think in the US, you might have seen this copy for a few weeks already, but it just arrived up here in Canada.

We made this quilt a few months ago (I think it was last September?) and we were very happy with it. But true to form, Cori and I just can't leave 'well enough' alone. So, a few weeks ago, Cori took this quilt layout, and changed up the quit block just a little, and chose a completely different color palette, and she came up with a dynamic new quilt. We will share this new version with you in the future, but it will soon be on it's way to the quilter...so it is unavailable to have it's 'close up' taken.

See you tomorrow.

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