Saturday, December 01, 2007

A note from Grand Forks International Airport

Hello everyone and happy winter. It is beginning to storm here in Grand forks. Myra and I are sitting in the airport waiting on our flight to arrive from MN. It is only delayed 30 min. which is amazing, since it is very WHITE here right now! Our trip in was good and accident free, lets home the rest of the trip goes smoothly too :)

There is a Colorado low coming in this weekend and I hope by the time we come back the roads are in good shape.

Now let me give you a glimpse into GFK. Not the largest airport (hahahahha) There are four employees at the check in counter and about three in securit oh AND not one outlet on the parking lot to plug in your car. I CAN'T believe that in North Dakota, "cold and snow capital" and there is no plug in on the parking lot. Let's hope the car starts!!

Oh well..just thought we would say HELLO as we are on our travels.

Stay warm,

C & M

p.s and on our drive to Grand Forks, we had a great idea for our blog in the new year...

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