Sunday, December 23, 2007

Keeping up with Cori

Inspired by Cori and her creative Christmas gifts, (and because I couldn't find anything in the stores) I decided to make up some cute little girl aprons for my 3 nieces. I thought I could share this since all of my nieces are under the age of 7, and I know they won't be reading my blog.

I went to my huge stash to find the right combination of pink and purple, but as it turnes out, the best choices were found in our Cape Cod line. I also personalized a pocket on each apron with their initial.

This is my little girl, who was getting a little frustrated as I continually ran after her to check for measurments. (Note to mothers: remove all pins before fitting an apron on a little girl)

And it is now time to wrap these final gifts, and tuck my little 4 year old into bed, because in the morning she will be 5.
Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.
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