Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Follow your bliss"
What a wonderful quote. Myra and I were sent matching bookmarks from a friend/customer with a wonderful note. The quote on the bookmark is "follow your bliss". Thanks Marcy for the early christmas gift!

So what is your biss? Are you following it? I had to think about it abit, but I have followed my dream of being a business woman. I worked with my father in our family clothing business from the age of 15yrs until 26 yrs. I loved it! Being a buyer, display maker and putting outfits and wardrobes together for our customers. Who knew that it would lead me into the world of quilting though! Following your bliss is not always blissful though. Over the last 10ish years we have worked very hard pursuing our path in this industry. Our path has taken many turns and probably always will. But CHEERS to "following your bliss".

My other "bliss" is my family! I always wanted to be a wife and mother and now I have the priviledge of doing that "job" too.

Think about it today...your "bliss".

Be thankful.
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