Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is so exciting (for me anyway). I hope that this does not just seem to you like ramblings. I LOVE getting emails, especially from all of you! It started the other day when we sent out our newsletter and began this contest. What a FABULOUS response we have had. The emails with kind words have been enlightening, that's for sure. Just so you know, right now my heart is pumping and I just don't know where to start!!!

Ok...We have received so many warm and kind words and you can't possibly know how VERY MUCH those do mean, they get read and re-read and at times like these (i will explain a little later) they are what keep us going - no kidding. This week I heard from a young lady in OUR OWN community that loves our quilts, she is expecting her first child and wants to make two of our quilts - we are going to customize one of our existing patterns for her and who knew she quilted?? How exciting is that? Then there is this young mom who wants to make our quilts to sell on her website, her email this morning just warmed my heart. (and by the way if any of you are thinking, hay I would like to make their quilts to sell....please ask us for permission, like this lady did) And then another friend (wink, wink - she will know who I am talking about "surprise") had this amazing message for us. She just reminded us that we need to follow of heart and go for it!

In one of my previous posts I talked about the new year and all the things we have to look forward to . This industry is a very difficult one right now. You all have so many choices when it comes to fabrics and patterns and we don't take any of our customers for granted. Every sale we make is very important in more ways than one. We are continuously proposing different ideas to magazines and RJR and every one seems to be stuck in their own box - EXCEPT us we want nothing to do with being put into one particular category. We have been this way from the start of our career. All of our books have different techniques and styles and to us who wants to always see the same thing from a designer - after all we are supposed to be the creative ones - right? Then there is this new group in the fabric industry, well known names which I should not name by name, but is oh so tempting. I know you will know who I am referring to. They are the "young -ones" designing ultra modern fabrics - BUT they are not quilters!! They make crafts and bags and garments and the odd quilt that honestly doesn't make that much sense. I do like those fabrics, don't get me wrong, but they are not doing them justice in the quilting industry.

What do we know.... Myra and I were quilt designers before we did fabric. We design our fabrics for a purpose, they all work together, there are darks, mediums and lights a lead print and then the complimentary prints in different scales. Why do we do this ? So your quilt has dimension, so you have choices. We want you to make our patterns, yes, but we also want you to create your own feeling using our fabrics. This is were the line "inspired by possiblities" comes from. There are so many options! There you have it - inside the minds....

THANKS for all the emails we have been sent this year, they encourage us to go on, to design quilts for you, to be our own and stay true to what we know for sure....we love designing!! Thank you for helping us to be better designers and people too. It means SO MUCH.

with the utmost sincerity,


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