Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Technical Difficulty

I am sorry for the delay in blogging..but I am having some technical difficulty with my computer. I think it is time that it went to the doctors. I will have to deal with that next week. And I am disappointed at all the things that I wanted to share - but I can't, because I am unable to download all of my pictures. I have been carefully documenting my progress on the Ocean Waves quilt, and I wanted to share it all with you. But, I guess you will have to wait just a little longer.

Now, to all of you who are concerned that I am starting a career in the meat packing industry, you don't need to worry. As it turns out, all of the volunteer possitions were filled last week, and I wasn't needed after all. I am sorry that I couldn't help, but I am very touched, becasue it ment that so many others were willing to help. So for all of you who have e-mailed me, I will clarify what the 'canning' truck was all about. Yes-it is a portable meat canning truck that goes to various communittes, and cans meat. It is highly inspected by both Canadian and American agencies, and after the cans have been in a 'quarentine' for 3 months, they will be shipped overseas. How do I help? Trust me, the only part that I am qualified to help with is rinsing the packed cans, and applying lables! But I do like to help. And I would encourage everyone - that at this time of year when we freely give donations to worthy charities, why not give some of your time instead? It is just as important.

So I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped us this year. 11,000 can of pork meat will be sent to orphanages in North Korea, and the rest will be sent to Haiti.

So what is up with this picture?

It's my daughter, and everytime I pull out my suitcase, she know's I am going somewhere again...and she always tries to sneek along. By now it is a little joke between us. So where am I going? Well, this weekend Cori and I have been invited to the 'uber-exclusive' Bernina retreat in Chicago. There are two different sessions, and a very small group of deligates are invited to the event. We got the invite through a friend who is 'on the list'. It is hard not telling you who will all be there, because these are THE TOP designers in the industry. I don't want to breach anyone's privicy by revealing that they will be here. might want to check back after the week when I could share who was there. We will be back in the middle of next week, so make sure you check back.

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Marlene Biles said...

How intriquing! Who will you be seeing this weekend? Make sure you take lots of pictures to post next week, plus the Ocean Waves photos - looking forward to seeing them. - M.