Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sending out a challenge

We have had some comments about How lucky we are to have 100 (plus) quilts. I think that you would be VERY surpised how many quilts that you may have in your own collection. Or for some of us, how many quilts we have given away! I tried to take pictures of all of the gifts I made but I think I have fallen behind.

Start a blog today. Don't necessarily start a blog because you want others to see, but as a gallery for YOU, and keep track of all those beautiful quilts! OH and I am sure there are some of us out there that would love to see and be inspired too!

That's my little "tip" of the day...thanks for listening.


1 comment:

Ginny Worden said...

I have been seriously considering your challenge,and just may take you up on blogging myself, if not that at least taking pictures of the quilts I have made for my personal records. Thanks for the great show of quilts, and the inspiraation.