Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 10 - of 100 days of quilts

Pineapple table runner - from 'Four Season of quilts'

This table runner was one of the projects in our forth book, and it really was Cori's inspiration. I have never been fond of the pineapple design, but many many years ago, Cori saw one in a shop window, and it changed her life. (OK, maybe that was a little dramatic, but here's the story.)

Back in 1994, I convinced Cori to come with me and my parents on a trip to Pennsylvania. I wanted her to see this beautiful area where I had lived for 2 years. We were staying at the home of my Amish friends, Jonas & Amanda Stolzfus, and I will always remember Cori sitting in their home in the evening lamplight, surrounded by Amish women, and tieing her very first quilt project.

A few days later, we went into the closest town, called Intercourse. (yep, that really is the name) In 'that town' is a great quilt shop called The Old Country Store. If you ever get to Lancaster Co. you must go to this quilt shop. Unfortunately when we got there, it was closed. But in the store window was a beautiful Pineapple quilt, and somewhere I have a picture of Cori standing in front of that store window with that quilt behind her. That design and coloring left such and impression with Cori, that 10 years later, she included a variation of it into one of our books.
Myra is right - I have fallen in love with the pineapple design. In fact I did make my own version too! But Paper piecing is the ONLY way (I think) to make this quilt. FYI...this project is in our THIRD book called "Traditional Quilts to paper piece". It' s not in print any more, but go to ebay...I am sure you can find it there!
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Ginny Worden said...

Okay, love this table runner, and would be even interested in making it, although paper piecing isn't my favorite. But I checked my copy of " Four Seasons " and couldn't find it in there. HELP ! Thanks again for a peek at some truly lovely and inspirationsl quilts.

Cori Derksen & Myra Harder said...

Hi Ginny,

It is in our 3rd Book "Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece". Paper piecing is the ONLY way to do a pineapple Quilt!


annette said...

Hats off to you for having the patience to complete a Pineapple Quilt. I once took a 6-week class and quickly realized that Pineapples are NOT for me....!! So should the fancy strike you again - I have a whole pad of pineapple paper I'd be happy to send you!!!LOL

marion said...

I have the book "Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece." Seeing your table runner makes me want to try it. It is lovely.

mrspesti said...

That quilt has two of my favorites Paper piecing and Pineapple blocks!!! It reminds me of a pineapple quilt keychain i make (which i attach to most of my supplies when i go to classes) I always can spot my stuff i have to show you a picture!