Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amish Sampler NEWS

I got this email today and it pertains to the quilt that Myra put up today and I thought it was worth sharing...

"I thought I would take a minute and fill you in on what we intend to do with the quilt - other than sell lots of patterns and kits! Two years ago we started up our Rainbow of Hope Quilt Auction. More details are on our website but basically a bunch of us got together and decided to make quilts in honor of people we know who have been affected by cancer. If people needed a starting point, I asked that they choose an awareness color and put that in it. The first thing we learned is that it is not all about pink! The second thing we learned is that hardly anybody walked through the doors of our shop who could not identify with our cause. The kick off was June 1st, the quilts were due September 15th and the auction was September 30th the first year. My customer base unanimously voted that our local Hospice House receive the few hundred dollars we might raise. 105 projects later and an evening of laughter and tears we gave our Hospice House $18,000! Feeling quite good about ourselves and our "one-time" event I went to work that Monday and had two ladies waiting in the parking lot to pick out fabric for the 2007 auction donation. We tweaked the event, changed the auction date to the first Saturday in November, added an expensive dinner, got a donation of a diamond necklace to go to the Viewer's Choice award winner and handed Hospice $25,000! For 2008, the staff decided they wanted to do a quilt together and raffle it off through the year with all the proceeds to go to Hospice - guess which quilt we decided on! We are hoping to raise more money with the raffle tickets than we would by auctioning it off. Last year's Viewer's Choice sold for $1600 so we had better start selling tickets. I know that was a lot to ask a simple question but I just wanted you to know where your quilt is headed!

Quilted Expressions
Lynchburg, VA

Isn't that something? How this all started was she put up a pole on her website for their block of the month. And after a few months it was official, our Amish Sampler pattern won! I have been in touch with Tamera and things are going well with the project. It is so cool to hear from our her, with such exciting news. Please go check out the web site...maybe even join the BOM.


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