Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update

I just wanted to share some of the photo's that came into the office this past week.
This top picture is the mystery project, that was made by Myra...not me, but another Myra. This is the second Myra that I have met through quilting. However, I have never met another Cori in the quilting world. If there is another one out there, please drop us a line.

And we also got this great photo. This is Norma, who was at our fall retreat, and has just completed her quilt top. Which begs the questions, how is it going with the rest of you who were there??

Thanks Myra and Norma for sharing those updates with us. And we hope that you keep in touch with your next projects.

-the other Myra

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Peg said...

Hello - I've been watching all week for the next mystery project to begin, but not seeing any blog entries at all. I sent an e-mail message, but got no response, so trying to contact you this way. I'm beginning to wonder if there's something wrong with my computer, so would appreciate knowing if you're still in business or not. Thanks, Peg