Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We are here!

OH were to start! Some of you have been wondering were we are and we are still here, but it is the season. The house is decorated, gifts are pretty much bought, christmas baking is in full swing (almost done!) and the kids Christmas concerts start tonight. And that's just me, then there is Myra's holiday prep, So I hope you can forgive us for not being active on the blog.

Myra and I decided that everyone is busy this time of year and we all want something to look forward to in the new year. SO...please wait for the next mystery quilt it will start at the beginning of January (not the 1st, just wait and watch!)



Ethne said...

I've never done a mystery quilt, but as I love your designs - I think I might be tempted to take part this coming year as I've fabrics in my stash that I'm not sure what to do with and this would be a great way to use them up

sara groves said...

ACK!! you mean I have to wait!! Just kidding ladies. I did not have time to do the last mystery quilt, so I've been watching and waiting like everyone else...wondering which fabrics i have that would possibly be useful for a pattern i don't know anything about!! And of course, collecting more fabric. I found a shop in Flin Flon, (while i was driving past, thinking I'd better get batting at walmart on my way through town) and the sign on the window said 'FABRIC $4.00/METRE'. All her quilting fabric was on sale. All her books were on sale. She was retiring and selling off EVERYTHING. It was a happy day in the quilter's world!

diane said...

Do you happen to know yet how many charm squares we will need for the new project? Just in case...like Sara, we find a place going out of business and have to justify buying a few? I bought 1 pk. of 40; but am wondering if I should have bought more. Thanks - and hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!