Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's still Monday....

Due to some gremlins living in my computer, these pictures were not able to load into the last post, but I wanted to share them with you.

This is the original quilt that Cori designed, and hand quilted for me...about 9 years ago. I quickly took a picture of it outside, so that you could see how she quilted it. Cori outlined the blocks (stitch in the ditch) and then quilted a 1" grid diagonally across the rest of the project.

So what will your project look like???

I just decided, that for those of you who have taken on the challenge of my little mystery, I will be giving away a little prize. Send me a picture of your mystery (just the pieced top) and I will enter your name to win this charm pack. Robyn Pandolph has designed a line for RJR, and the fabrics were just released two weeks ago at Quilt Market. But we just happened to have a few advanced samples in the studio, and I would love to share them with one of you.

I will give you until next Monday to send me your picture, and be enterd for the prize. (And YES - I will post all of the pictures for you to see.)

And a huge Thank You for all of you who participated in this adventure. I have never been daring enough to join a mystery club, and so I am grateful to all of you who trusted me to lead you down a blind path...where you cut up precious fabric, without knowing if you were even going to like the end result. If you want to do it again...just let me know.

See you soon.


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