Sunday, November 16, 2008

Charming Sunday Afternoon

I have to get ready for our Sunday evening guests, but I decided I would steal a moment to share two photo's with you. Since we are on the topic of charm squares, I thought I would post these.

This top quilt is a little project from our friend Jill, who sewed all of her charm blocks together, and then appliqued the three remaining blocks on top! Very cleaver.

And this is a simple little table runner that I made out of a set of charm squares. Do all of you (who were there) remember the snow storm that hit the Dryden Quilt Show? Well, it gave me some free time, so I ran over to another booth, bought a charm pack, and cut them up. (I was tempted to borrow a sewing machine from one of the dealers there, and finish the whole thing in a day.) But I waited until I was home, and stitched it up. It doesn't have a border, or binding. I wanted the blocks right to the edge, so I turned it inside out before quilting.

Enjoy, and I will be back tomorrow to show you some pictures of the mystery projects that have been sent my way.


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